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GSYSTEM is offering client-oriented IT outsourcing services in fields of server administration and application development. Focusing on open-source technologies, we offer reliable solutions for companies looking for professional IT support.

Experienced team of engineers and consultants can offer your IT investments reach their maximum potential and support your strategic goals. Leveraging our skills in integration, we help to design optimal solutions for all your business processes. In partnership with leading technology vendors and their representatives, we manage to cover various fields in your ICT infrastructure. From offices to complex industrial parks, we are prone to high-availability designs in accordance to your business needs.


What we offer

High-availability solutions

Designing and implementing ICT infrastructure with high-availability tailored specifically for our client's needs. Securing redundancy in terms of WAN, LAN and server components.

Server administration

Securing hardware monitoring and maintenance in accordance to SLA contracts. Administering standard Linux server applications (Mailservers, FTP, Fileserver, DNS server, DHCP server and more).

Application development

Developing custom web applications written in web2py and native Linux applications in C++. Integrating custom-made applications with client's existing software by utilizing appropriate APIs.


What we have created

product, logo, DEPO


A complex custom-made parcel management system used by delivering companies and their clients. Our web-based platform allows for parcel registration, deliveries / pickups, simple warehouse management, tracking and APIs for third-party integration in web-shops.

Stores using DEPO: ca. 185

product, logo, Aspera

Aspera Secure Retail Desktop

Built with regards to efficient administration, Aspera is a retail platform that allows to run third-party cash register software along with multiple applications. Deployed on standard PCs with online connectivity, it allows for instant collecting of cash register transaction, as well as selling electronic goods such as e-money, top-ups and more.

Stores using Aspera: ca. 600

product, logo, MBOX


Our digital signage solution (powered by Raspberry Pi) allows clients to instantly manage content on their display units through our hosted CMS. Simply connect your Raspberry Pi to Internet and display unit, and you can upload, manage and deploy your content.

Stores using MBOX: ca. 200


What we use

Logo of Linux Debian distribution
Logo of Raspberry Pi
Logo of C++ programming language
Logo of Bootstrap framework
Logo of PHP scripting language
Logo of MySQL database system
Logo of hardware manufacturer DELL
Logo of web2py programming language
Logo of XEN hypervisor
Logo of Amazon Web Services cloud-computing platform


Who we work with

product, logo, DEPO
product, logo, Aspera
product, logo, MBOX


Contact details

You can find us at following address:

Trenčianska 53/B, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovak republic

+421 903 160 160

Billing details

Use the following in your invoice:

Company name: GSYSTEM s.r.o.
Registered office: Karpatské námestie 10A
831 06 Bratislava - mestská časť Rača
Slovak republic
Business ID: 46048081
TAX ID: 2023210365
VAT ID: SK2023210365